About The Rev

A tinkerer by birth,

A mechanical engineer by training,

A reverend by the grace of God.

I’m an avid grease monkey and wannabe race car driver who finds solace in the garage from the chaos of raising elementary-age twins.

This is my career: www.grace-bible.org

This is my charity: OnRamptx.org

This is my life:


This is what’s in my garage at the moment, plus an ’09 Honda Odyssey that wasn’t cool enough to get included in the photo. In the foreground is a bone-stock ’02 AP1 S2000 with just 18k miles. I was randomly searching our local Craigslist one afternoon and this popped up. I responded within minutes and bought it the next day at a steal of a price. In the background is an ’05 e46 330i ZHP sedan I purchased a few years ago out of Florida. It is not stock, and is the absolute perfect sedan for my personal tastes.



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