AVERAGE JOE CAR REVIEW: NA and NB MIATA, the answer to almost everything

After years of driving one automotive appliance after another for the sake of "practicality," I finally returned to my petrol-head roots with the purchase of a track-prepped 1996 Miata. It was exactly what you would expect to get for a five-grand streetable track car: harsh but effective Eibach over Koni coilovers, a hollow Racing Beat... Continue Reading →


AVERAGE JOE CAR REVIEW: E46 330I ZHP, my ideal sedan

The deeper I dove into my growing track addiction, the more dissatisfied I became with my 2013 Accord daily driver. It was nothing more than a transportation appliance for getting from home to work with as little excitement as possible. I was done with it. I began researching and test driving every performance four-door I... Continue Reading →

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